Under this agreement, all parties involved, agree to be subject to the terms in it. If any problem would arise, it will be solved by willingness and cooperation from both parts in "bona fides" or good faith. But never by going over this agreement.

Terms of use, agreement and license:
By "the page", "the pages", "page", "content", "webpage", "webpages", "pages", "our content", "our webpage", "our webpages", "services", "service", "we", "us" or any term alike, we refer to a page at our site or sub page, official page, sub official, or official partner page where we or our content is display, never to a social media page, as nor us or members of our studio are part or take place in any social media of any type. This agreement also covers our content while at or in display in or on partners content, fan made content, other digital or physical display.
Content created, generated or distributed in or by those involved in our sites or where our content is displayed, be it administrative, practical, laboral or moral is subject to our license, terms and agreements. By "we", "I" or "us" might also refer to us or our site in any way that it is shown, in any media or content.
We assume you will behalf in good faith and have the skill, understanding, capacity, talent, power, competency, ability, knowledge or any need enlightment, desire and way to properly read and understand this terms, agreement and license, or who is responsible for you or acts in behalf of you, has read and agree to this terms, license and agreement. You or who is in your representation, sign this agreement by accessing or using our content in any way, it is solely your responsibility or your responsibility and the responsibility of who represent you, your tutor or who is responsible for you and your actions, all involved have the responsibility to read this and any released terms that are found in our content, in the games, pages, manuals or any content.
Privacy policy:
Sharing any content from us, submiting, sending or uploading, anything to any developers, artist or users, without an attached, understanable and readable copy of the whole legal disclaimer, agreement, license, policies, terms and an original unmodified license is explicitly prohibed and is considered a severe fault, for which you and who ever is in your representation or in behalf of you are and will confess to be guilty if was done.
Is also understand that you agree to comply them, read and accept them, if you use our or any of their partner content, view the content in it or their users content.
You are also abide to it and you agree.
Your privacy and your content:
You are aware that you accept that any information or files you send, upload or share with us, our developers and artist, at our site, studio, or with any other users, might be review, we might keep it and hand it to proper authorities in case is request or need and share it with third party or second party partners, which might have different privacy policies and agreements. You fully agree and allow us to do so, you are also aware that we can not guarante the safety of any of your information, if it is keep or not record of your email or other ID and any file you send to us.
You also are aware that we are not abide to and we do not accept any license or agreement of any content you willingly or unwillingly send to us, and you are abide to, promise and must held us free of any risk and harm.
While we will do as possible to keep any information, content, data or material you send us safe and will not misuse it, we can't guarantee its safety or correct use. We just remind you that we behave in good faith as well as we believe you, our users and partners will.
Terms of use:
By downloading, having, sharing, using or watching content of us, our users, funders or partners, this or any released software by or in our site or studio, in any way, media or device, is clear and you are abide and have agree to the terms of this license, the user agreement, the terms in the documentation attach with official game or product releases and terms mentioned in here and the official webpages. This terms and agreement might change without prior advice and you accept that. You are responsible to keep yourself updated on the changes they might have, and we will display on our official webpage and latest documentation.
We held in an untransferible manner all right of any content, we create, publish or distribute. All those rights can be of or part of who ever collaborate with us, in which if not clearly stated, it is us who have all rights, we also keep the rights of any derivate content and any content, that might be or is generated by you or any, by the use or knowledge of our content or webpage, wherever it is display or use. Any of our content or our studio and site content and members content, will always be ours and we do not transfer its rights.
All in-game created content by you or any users is still under this license and it's rights are ours.
We can also refuse to offer you or give you any kind of service, at any time. We are a private group of artist and so are our partners and members, being private, we have the rights to allow a limited numbers of users to it. We have the right to not include or delete any content in your registered user page, blog, project or any kind of content you display with us or at our content, be it games, pages, software or other type of content.
Content in your page or profile must be approved by one of our members. We have and you agree, the full right to refuse giving any or all services to any or all users at any time.
You agree to respect and not take advantage, make any profit or abuse the pages, content or users in any way. You and who is responsible by you in case you can't be held responsible, is the only or the only group that will be responsible for your account, group or user actions.
You agree to respect and behave properly with all other users, within and outside of our site, content and pages, you can be refused any content or service if you misbehave or hurt any member, partner or user, in any services or media. You arree that we are in no way responsible for any failure in the service, damage to your or anyone's property, fights, hate, flaming or any aggression between users from anywhere, be it our pages, media or services, partner pages, media or services or others.
All our work is intended to be taken as a work of fiction and an artistic expression and it is not to promote or entice any kind of negative emotion or action, we encourage all our users, partners and members to behave, rightfully, truthfully and peacefully, aiming to not hurt or cause any harm to anyone, be it or not member, user or partner of us.
You might not behave unproperly, you agree that in case of any disturbance to any user or group of users, you allow us to release access to your information with out prior advice to you or anyone, in order to obey the law, if we are required or we see need. Additionally we are not responsible for any attack done to us, our service or products, any content placed on it that we don't agree with, or is placed with an ill intention, we can not be and you agree to not hold us responsible for it. We might also suspend, delete or block your information displayed if we see fit. The site doesn't allow adult content, unappropriate content or language or any kind of misleading behavior, anythign else we consider wrong, unlawful or that doesn't fit within our page content, could be deleted with out prior advice. And you will not proceed agaisnt us in any media or way, for any acctions we take.
By accesing our content in any way, you agree to be of a legally acceptable age and aptitude to aquire this responsibilities, in case you are not of the required age or aptitude in your country and state, you have someone who is of legal age to agree and be abide of this terms and conditions in representation of you and is responsible for your and his, her or their actions.
This license limit you to only view our displayed content as it is and you know and agree it, be it of the games, pages, a blog, text, images, videos, files or any media, in any media. In the way we allow you to, this license is not transferible and shall prevail.
It can't be terminated by any party involved or third parties.
You agree to protect us and held us safe, before anything and upon anything and everything, any legal instance, attorney, court, personal law enforcement or any institution, society, or any way of organization or person, moral or physical, as this is an agreement, of good faith. You and who is responsible in case you are not legally able to, agree to behave in and of good faith always looking for a personal, peaceful, right and legal way to solve any issue, if there is.
You are also aware that to use any content there's a risk and solely you or who is agreeing this terms in your representation, can and will be found responsible for any damage, liability or issue, caused, partially, accidentally or purposely by the content, you must see and have the medical approbation of a professional capacitated in this and relevant areas, for playing, or using, any video game, accesing digital content or media, downloaded from our site or any site or media our content is in.
We are not responsible and can't be find responsible, as we believe, you have good health, mental and physical, capacity and understanding, as well as you have the rightfulness and proper knowledge to discern between fiction and reality, and will act as it is intended, lawfully and rightfully, because of this, we can not be to blame for any interference, influence or whatsoever that this or any games or content might cause to you, or others you involve in our content, be it seizures, disorientation, eye strain, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or any change, damage or influence, to you or your hardware, device or any media, family, friends, foes or pet.
To use this content or any content created or distribuited by us, you must act conciously, aware and responsively, follow the safety instructions of the game or content manual and general safety rules for the device or media you can receive or use our content in, plus common sense and all precautions that must be follow at using any digital content or video game.
Seizures, headache, pain, any way or mean that cause harm or damage to you or by you to others, is your absolute responsibility or of who is being responsible of you.
In no way we are or can be found responsible.
You agree that you will not promote or do any hateful, misbehaving conduct or mischief against us, our content or games, members, users or partners, in no way, social, electronic, digital, private or public media, in no known or unknow way. We are not abide to any or anything, you or who is responsible in your representation, will not proceed in any way against us, nor personal, social, penal, administrative or legal.
If in any way you feel that there's no possible solution to a conflict between us, you agree and you are aware that our responsibility with you, can not exeed the cost of the license we grant you, for our content. Any dispute or legal procedure will be taken to the court that we see fit and you will have to cover our expenses, the expenses need by any team members, partners, memebers or users to tend to it, also all development time lost will be charge to you and who ever is responsible and you are fully willingly agreeing and accepting this, regardless of the solution or resolution taken.
If you do not agree to any of the game, content or page license, agreement or terms.
Do not, watch, use or distribuite in any way the content generated, hosted, traded, offered, used, produced, developed or co-developed, by us or our members or partners.
You agree to all the licenses, terms and agreements by just watching, playing, using, acquiring, sharing, downloading or accesing our content.
The rights of the work are held by us and our prime members. All artwork rights goes to their respective owners.
Any third party content is by those mentioned in the content, page or game credits and any part involved has explicitly, writen or not, allow us, one or more of its members or administive parties to use their content in any way we see fit at any time.
As it is, with any content, media or information, you send or deliver to us, by any media or in any way. We assume and beleive, you are the creator and hold the rights of that work, which you grant us, whenever we might use or not.
Our contect is offered as it is and we can't be held responsible for any misbehavior, bugs, crashing, damage or data coruption. If you have been charge a fee, report this information with us. But be aware, that as we distribute it at no cost, we can't repay, pay, fix, or deal with any expenses you did. It can't and you can't use it for any purpose, commercial or not, as only us and our prime mebers, have that right. In no way derivated content that can, could or will be used by others, is approved or alloweed. We do not allow derivated content to be generated. As our content is distributed free, we can not be held responsible for any ammount or liability, since our responsibility can't go above the value you pay us for it.
It is as it is and support to this software or any content distributed by us, might be ceased with out prior advice at any time.
Each user is responsible for its own generated and uploaded content.
We can not be held or found responsible for it, we support independent or indie content producers as well as not independant content producers and any user we see can fit under out page content ideals, creators and artist, might have our help if we see fit, but we are not responsible for the actions or content they do, have, create, display or distribute, in any and by any way.
We have the rights over the work and are untransferible, irrebocable and absolute, as they override any other previous or future agreement, and you aknowledge and agree this.
The creators explicitly and willingly grant this rights, as to pyrosoma when collaborating with us, we collaborate in good faith and freedom. We can't be held and wont be held responsible for any acction our users take or anything they do within or outside of our site or studio, media, pages or services.
You also agree to not disclose of any of our content, created or shared, with anyone.
This service, page, site and the media, content or software in it, uses mixed licenses, please before using it be sure you read it and agree to the terms, agreements, conditions and license. As by using or watching content of the content or media you are abide of them. Alwayslook for attached documentantion with our products and if it is not attach, do not use the content, look for our most stable official agreements and documentation and review them to agree to it before downloading an official content.
Use of the software, content, game or information that we distribuite:
You at being abide and agreeing to our terms, license, agreements, other legal terms and disclaimer.
Being aware of them and as you are accepting to be responsible for your acts and behavior.
If you aquire a license to use our content is can only be use what is covered in the license, privately, for your own enjoyment and use. It can't be shared, publicly or privately displayed to others who have not agree the terms, license, agreements and disclaimer.
If you have done so, you are responsible for their actions and behavior and by this mean, they are abide to the terms, license, agreement and disclaimer for have or had seen, play, use or get knowledge of our content, game or media, by you.
Our privacy policy and privacy terms are subject to the site license and terms, as well as our partners license and terms.
By sending any information, accessing or using this site, you acknowledge and agree that anything you sent, submit or share online, can be distribuited and published and you give us the right to do so.
Taking down information or content will be done on request and has a 60 days period of aproximate confirmation and is subject to removal approbation.
We do not keep any information that ID you forever and we can't be responsible for information such as email, email information or any content or data shared via or in our site or our partners sites. Anything you send, submit, upload, share or post can be access by other users too.
Information that we ask you for when you register is a public user name which will be display on your page and be publicly seen by others and an email for contact pupouses. You agree that our partners or we might email you with information we or our partners consider important to you, propaganda, details about your account, complains about your page, blog or behavior and you will be considered notificated at the moment we send you anything. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with a correct email.
We might also share your email or information with our partners or to comply with law or any authority.
Our services and European economic Area Users:
Data "lawful basis" for collection and process of personal information, is for affirmative consent, all our users consent the data collection and agree that we might share it with partners and the authorities we see fit. This is in a non revocable permission for an undetermined time, we also are not responsible for any attack that might exploit that information, or for it's keeping and safety, we might delete any or all information when need.
In cases where information must be kept it is by the own user request, and we do so to be able to serve you properly, we would do all possible within our limits to protect your information, but there's no guarantees, that is why we encourage you to report misuse of your information to us, and to not revel or display private or sensible information to other users in and out of game worlds.
Users under our needed age for account creation:
Any user that creates and account with us is required to be a consenting adult of 21 years or more.
We encourage you to report users that are not adults and are part of any of our communities or game groups, reports that are verified to be truth, will be awared 500 gold coins for in game use (Game item not transferible and upon availability) The creator of the account is responsible for it's account and use, if a parent allows anyone to play under their account it is their responsibility. We do not collect any data without the consent and permission of the owner of the data, where the user willingly shares the data with us and grant us rights to use it, display it or modify it as we see fit. We promptly beg all users to do not share their account and we encourge parents to be a responsible guide and be involved in the online life of anyone under their guardianship and care.
Information that we might ask for and use:
You grant us fully rights to use this informtion in any way:
*Any in game create content
*Online ID
*Contact address and phone
*Date of birth
*Country of residence and language settings
*User profile ID
*Any profile information or images
*Messages and text used in game and on our sites
*Any information you send to us in any way an by any mean
We only share your relevant information with our partners and for in game or site use. To personalize your experience and when we send you gifts or invitations. Any other exeptional occasions where you data could be used can be report to us and under our license an agreement, we will see how to delete your inomraiton if you wish to.
Our partner data use:
We are not responsible for how our partners use your data after they used it within our games, game world, pages, services or products, you are aware of this, and under our license an agreement you agree to it.
Request of privacy rights: (California)
Anyone can request their information and information regarding their personal information disclosure, we will delete your data if you request it that way, as long as you have not been reported breaking the code of conduct, agreements or license, we will delete your data, if you are reported you are aware you agreed that we keep your information to resolve any dispute or aid the authorities in the resolution of any conlict.
Disclosure required by law.
We will share any information and give access to the authorities to any of your data they request, and you agree to this, under our agreements and license.
In case of attacks to our site or your information. Everyone is vulnerable to some type of attacks or other, we do not offer you or anyone any kind of protection and we do not compromise to safe keeping the date sent to us, we encourage you to not share anything you do not wish to be public. Because of the nature of the internet, you aknowledge this and you agree to not attempt to held us responsible for any attack or missuse that our site, products or your information with us suffers.
This document as well as our licenses and agreements can be updated at any time and since you are bind to them, we encourage you to review them often.
Rights and generated content agreement:
-In this agreement you agree to cede your rights over the submit work in favor to us.
-You grant irrevocable and transferible rights to us and our affiliates, to use, modify, alter, publish, display, show, share, sell, upgrade, profit, trade, compile, distribute and offer your work in any way, for any purpose, for an infinite ammount of time.
-You agree to be abide to our and our affiliates, partners and third parties licenses, privacy policies, agreements and terms.
-You quit to your rights in any way and you submit yourself to our law and jurisdiction in whichever geogrphical location is seen more convenient, be it of us or our partners.
-All parts agree to be abide to the good faith and behave and act in the bona fides realm.
-We agree to credit you for your work within our work and within possibilities. If your name is only credited in the manual or game ending credits, it is taken as enough and you agree to this.
-Any work under our use can not be used by anyone else, even if you are the original owner, can not share it or use it anywhere else we do not decide to. Any publish, display or use of the work would be breaking this agreement and intelelctual property laws.
-Breaking or not following any of the agreements, licenses or codes.
-You agree to not disclosure, you agree to not reveal any information from us or the works you do with us or our partners.
Indemnity in case of infringement:
-If any part fails to comply with this agreement, there wouldn't be an indemnity fee, because both parts are agreeing to behave in good faith or "bona fides"
-If there was to be a need indemnity called by law, you agree and aknowledge that this can not exceed the value we set at the asset, regardless of the time the law procedures might last, you agree to be satisfied with the limit and price set by us and you agree that you are then liable and accountable for all the teaching, tutoring, critique, collaboration, aid, development contribution and guidance given to you during the time. All this services provided to you by us, will have a fee, according to the media standard.
Enforcement of remedies:
-The payment or remedy will be agreed by both parts upon case of infringement, without intervention of third parties or a court. Because of this, you renounce and waive any rights over us that you might have.
-This agreement can only be terminated by us, and has an indeterminated duration or the duration of the intellectual property. If you decide to terminate this agreement, it won't have effects on your future work, but anything done and agreed while the agreement was done is still valid. -Survival of this clausule is absolute, as you can't ask for more granted from your previous work, what has been agreed and the rights you have grant us, are forever ours. -Even upon termination, you reserve no right or action, legal or not, against us or our partners.
The content displayed and held within pages, media, games or any information, images, videos or media is under our rights and the prime members rights, who have supreme rights over this site or studio, and the works, media or content. They can decide to not reveal their information and have no obligation to do so. And you agree that you must protect their identity and so not expose them to situations where the identity could be revealed.
All characters, locations, terms, items, artwork, text, words, sound, ideas, expression or anything contained in it, is ownership of the prime members who created it or is of us if not specified. And none can be used or displayed outside of it.
We are not responsible for anything that happens, to you or to your computer, for any harm caused by the software or products or services, the software and what we offer is, as it is, and you aknowledge and accept this. Our responsibility can not exced the price pay for the software license, which is free.
To play you must accept our license, terms and agreements, you must also have permission from a responsible physician or doctor that considers you are able to play, when you play or use any of our products or services you must do it properly and following all safety recommendations.
Since we collaborate with many artist and developers we have to make clear, each one is responsible for it's content, and we will collaborate with the law or authorities to give them any information need, we don't need to inform you in any way, and you agree to this.
If you don't agree to this or you refuse to be the only responsible for yours and your own. Do not play the games, access them or any of our services and products.
If you accept to be abide to our terms, license and agreements, please be sure to check for updates often, as you are the only responsible for keeping up to date with them.
Now that you agree and are abide to this terms, license and agreents, proceed to navigate, get games and even collaborate :)